Introducing a new and innovative product - mobile solar panel installationsnot attached to a roof or ground space. Move with a car trailer to your preferred location - when changing property, going to a cottage without electricity or other places where electricity is needed. Read on to find out more about all the possibilities this machine offers.

One of the most important benefits for the customer is that the equipment requires no assembly. It is delivered to the customer assembled and the system is interconnected by a certified electrician.

Available with Off-Grid, Hybrid and Grid inverters, depending on the customer

Off-Grid Inverters do not need to be connected to the grid, so the machine is ready to use straight away. The grid and hybrid inverters will need to be registered with the Distribution Network, so we offer the services of a certified electrician to set up the inverter when choosing these versions.

Off-Grid Solar Panels
Off-Grid Solar Panels

The smallest - 1.8kW Off-Grid installations with 4 solar panels (385W - 420W) and a 2500W off-grid inverter are very easy to operate. In fact, the inverter is on with one switch and the appliance can be used from the mains socket connected to it. The appliance is as simple as any household electrical appliance. The ideal solution if the customer does not have access to an electricity connection.

The unit can be used as a completely stand-alone device or connected to the household mains to provide phase 1 power. In case the solar panels are not able to produce enough electricity, you can continue to draw it from the grid.

The machine weighs around 200 kg, which means that it can be lifted in and out of the trailer by two people, or even moved by one person if the machine is in the trailer and the hook is reinforced.
This is an important factor if the customer uses the machine with a trailer. If necessary - in case of high winds, hail or other natural disasters - the panels of the unit are lowered and the unit can be pushed into a garage, shed or other safe location.

Another way to use the machine is without a trailer, by securing it with ground anchors, concrete or bolt-on anchors/piles. In this case, the equipment becomes, in effect, a ground anchoring system.

Off-Grid Solar Panels
Off-Grid Solar Panels
Off-Grid Solar Panels

Who are the potential users of the equipment?

Self-consumption households:

● People who no access to mains electricity or connecting it would be expensive;

● People who want use solar energy for self-consumptionstoring it in batteries and not linking the system to the grid electricity supply;

● People who want to be sure that electricity will be available for all occasions, even when there is no voltage on the grid, by providing some of their home appliances with 24/7 uninterruptible power supply for 1 phase;

● Users of grid-connected solar panel systems who want extra independence can use the system for 1-phase electrical appliances and store electricity for self-consumption in batteries. In which cases is this necessary? If there is no mains voltage, the mains inverter will not work and will not be able to draw stored electricity from the grid. In this case, you will be able to draw electricity from the batteries;

● People who want to safeguard yourself in all forcemajeure conditions. The 3kW and 5kW units can be connected to a generator and, if needed, charge the batteries with it. This means that even if there is no voltage on the grid, you will have electricity for several days;

● People with low electricity consumption in winter but increasing electricity consumption in summer - electric boilers, garden watering systems, air conditioners, fans, etc;

● People who wants independencein addition to reducing your network electricity bill for up to 9 months of the year;

● People who want a quick solution, without assembly. The system is delivered assembled and ready to use the same day;

● People who live in the summer garden/summer homewhere electricity is not available. The system can be moved to another property with a trailer.

Product users in business

● Campsites and guest housesfor which no access to electricityor who want to cut spending summer season.

● Mobile sales outlets requiring electricity. Move the equipment with you using the trailer.

● Different freelance event organisersthat don't have access to electricity - camps, parties, concerts, reunions, etc.

● Do you want to do business? You can rent this equipment other users!

Available solutions:

1.8 kW;
3.0 kW;
5.0 kW power solutions with or without trailer - solar panels, inverter, attachments,
batteries, instructions for use.

Depending on your consumption, you can choose:

● Starter kit - 150 kWh per month, 1800 kWh per year;
● Basic kit - 220 kWh per month, 2700 kWh per year;
● Economy kit - 440 kWh per month, 5300 kWh per year;

The kits are available with different battery capacities, depending on how many kWh you need to store.

Finally, we have created calculatorto make your own make a calculation how much power the equipment has is required.

By filling in calculator will be displayed both how many kWh each monthdepending on the capacity of the plant, electricity is generated, and how many kWh will be missing in the winter monthswhen using off-board equipment.

If there is no electricity connection and the difference cannot be taken from the grid, we have prepared generator cost table, which, by entering the current fuel price, can calculate both the fuel in litres and the fuel not costs.

Any other questions that arise will be answered when we receive the application form. Our friendly the management team will provide free advice if your questions are not answered within the scope of this article, and will recommend the most appropriate power solution.

For more information on Off-Grid Solar Panel Systems in video format on our youtube channel.

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