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KH Energy is a brand that develops innovations and manufactures various types of products, mainly Off-Grid Solar Panel System solutions.

KNOW-HOW is our ready-made solutions for anyone who wants to create an autonomous energy supply for their home with the help, knowledge and products of our company.

As the demand for independent Off-Grid Solar Panel System solutions grew, the KH Energy brand was created and a company specialising in mobile Off-Grid / Off-Grid solutions was established. 
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Brand business and development strategy

KH Energy's mission - as the world changes, we change with it, providing solutions for independent and self-sufficient Off-Grid living.

With our products, we help to create autonomous energy supply for people's homes, wherever they live, by offering mobile Off-Grid solutions with Door to Door delivery options for wholesale across the Baltics or retail at our dealers.

Our strategy is to provide complete, mobile Off-Grid equipment for companies looking to develop and expand their business by offering turnkey solutions for off-grid power generation for self-consumption.  

  • Mobility - move the equipment with you when you change location; 

  • "Ready to use" - ready to use the same day. The equipment is delivered to the customer assembled; 

  • Companies specialising in the installation of electrical equipment following KH Energy schemes may choose to install the equipment themselves.

Users of our products

With the growing desire for people to live independently and travel outside cities, where electricity connections are often unavailable or very expensive, KH Energy's products provide a solution to this problem with mobile Off-Grid installations.

In urban centres, more and more people are looking for additional ways to be off the grid.

KH Energy's products offer the opportunity to generate your own energy autonomously, for most of the year.

Under Product presentations full information on our products and how they work.

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